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Litters Due January 2014

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Sorry for not keeping this updated I have been quite ill but doing much better now

SLF I am sorry I dont know your breed to add to the OP

Glad your girl is doing well after the snake bite :)

Congratulations to all who have had litters :D

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1 girl didn't make it with my litter and I had her PTS at 4 days old

Very sad time with the circumstances of her passing but I wont go into it here.

I also had to completely wean the puppies of their mum at 7 days old as she developed a huge infection and strong antibiotics saved her. Due to me twice daily checking her temp after the C section I was able to pick up her infection very quickly but I feel the puppies health was already compromised. Babies lost a lot of weight(they all do after birth) but this was a lot. They have had to make up extra for what they lost.

We have also had a few other issues but our 5 babies are nearly 3 weeks old now and doing very well.

The puppy breathe atmosphere is just beautiful and there are some lovely babies in the litter.

Mother Winnie dried off really well.

Sending a virtual puppy breathe pic


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:heart::heart: What absolutely stunning babies, love their markings.

:cry: For the precious little girl that did not make it, that was good management by you keeping such a close eye on your girl and detecting that all was not right with her, I have hand reared puppies myself, it is time consuming but oh so worth while when you see the results of your dedication as in that lovely picture of them, does your heart good.

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Thanks Monteba

These last few days before whelping seem to take forever!!!!

My girls belly has changed shape, from the top view you would hardly tell there were any pups hiding in there. Side on - well that's a different story!

She has barely touched her food today, happy to lay around like a couch potato.

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I know I've said it elsewhere, but congratulations, Sankari! Lots of Lappies :-)

Seeing as it's so quiet in here, I thought I'd add a photo of the boys at two weeks. I feel for all those photographers who take photos of small children :D


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