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I just "volunteered" (!) to prepare a catalogue for each of the two days of our Kennel Club's next shows. I have plenty of experience though, I've read catalogues. :thumbsup:

Can anyone help me with suggestions on software I can use to download the OzEntries entries in comma delimited form and drop it directly into a catalogue? (Computers are not my problem, I just need help with cataloguing.)

I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to what software to use and where to get it. :confused:

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I think you will have to download the information and then slip it in with the hard copy entries and type it up. I think you will find all catalogers have their own extensive databases built up over many years to process entries. The ANKC wont give anyone access to their database, which is silly because then all dogs would be entered exactly as registered.

In my case I have a database which I built and then drop into a word doc. My database has over 40,000 dogs and has taken me about 16 years to get to this point

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