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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Xmas...


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Yay I'm excited I love Christmas! Great pictures everyone, keep 'em coming! :D

TLC awesome photos! What a cooperative bunch you have :D

huga, those are also a super cooperative bunch! Beautiful shots too.

Love the little springer and dally by the Christmas tree :D

And I just melted when I saw Henry, how adorable is he!!

Sorry to those I've missed, I really do love each and every photo posted...doggies and Christmas, what's not to love?

I will have to do my shoot soon, but for now, enjoy some previous years photos :D


Kisses by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr


Not Much Longer! by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr


I'll Be a Christmas Tree if Food is Involved by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr

Bikky was only a baby here!


Fools by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr

And perhaps slightly more Aussie themed?


Is That Vixen? by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr

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