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Kepala 12 January 2014

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Hi just came across this thread hope not to late to join in

Selfcontrol (Karl) Kim and Casey with River a 4 month old boerboel would like to come

We can bring chicken kebabs

Might be able to add another dodgy owner who has a Shelty but he is a little concerned as Rico is timid around bigger dogs

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Everyone is super welcoming.

Last month we had no trouble at all, we had chi's and pugs and my knobhead retriever and Bronson who is pretty big (I've forgotten what he was!!!) and we had no dramas, there's plenty of room to do your thang.


Looking so forward to cuddles! :cooldance:

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Lol, Dodgy owner :p

It's nice to have a few last minute attendees

The sheltie should be ok, we had little the dolly the chihuahua last time who (while usually pretty nervous) did great around lots of new dogs and people, as far as I'm aware she'll be coming this weekend as well.

If it gets a bit much, your friend can use another run for a bit or keep his dog close and away from the hubub.

The closed off BBQ area is also good for a little quiet time

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Yay excellent some fresh faces and doggies to welcome :)

Cant wait to meet everyone new and see some faces from last month :)

Don't forget its $15 per dog, they prefer us to pay in one transaction with cash so please bring cash :)

Any questions, feel free to drop me a line :)

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I've added to the map :)

Once you get there use the entrance down the end marked in red.

The car park is marked in orange and the run we use is the purple one.

the run looks a bit different than on google maps as the pool and bbq area now take up about half of the run, but there's still plenty of room for lots of zoomies.

there will be a sign on the gate of the run saying it's reserved for Dogs Online so you'll know when you're in the right place

Thank you for that, now we won't wander around looking like fools. :)

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I've added to the food as we will be bringing a fruit platter as well.

List of dogs

Snout Girl- Bert, Sally, Bruce

deadsheep- Bronson, Cassie, Dolly

labsrock61a- Clancy

Steph M - Gus and Rosie

Leah82 - Collie and Sarah

Valbitz + 1 - Billy

SelfControl + 2 (?) - River and Sheltie (?)

List of food

Snout Girl- something vegetarian for bbq, hamburgers

deadsheep- sausages, minute steak, bread, bread rolls butter

labsrock61a- salad, cake

Steph M - Green Salad, potato salad, napkins/plates/cutlery etc

Leah82 - soft drink (I'll bring the car fridge again but will need help as I'll be minus Rick) - btw I didn't bring anything diet last time, does any want diet coke or lift etc?

Valbitz - chicken wings and some sort of antipasto type platter for nibbles and fruit platter

SelfControl - chicken kebabs

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Hi guys,

Sounds like you all had a great day planned! Hope it went well, and I'd love to see some pics if anyone got any!?

Turns out we got back from our trip on Saturday, but I've been really sick, so just wasn't the month for me. By the time next month's meet gets here, I'll be close to 8 months pregnant, so will have to see how I'm coping (and the weather forecast).

Anyway, once again, hope you all had a great time! So glad these meets are in full swing again! Well done SG!! :D

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