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What Is Your Take On This Video....


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Stressed dog. I wouldn't exactly call it 'cute'!

I thought the dog looked/appeared stressed too. I'd be worried that the dog would eventually climb up onto the side table and into the cot to investigate further and end up accidentally squashing the baby. :(

Not what I call cute either. :(

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This dog has a natural maternal instinct. When a newborn girl cries, he goes right to her side. This is incredibly sweet.

What a lot of hooha.

And the SIDs risk with that cot bumper eek1.gif

Yes. Why are they still used? The video could be used to demonstrate what not to do. A stressed dog and a cot bumper - a disaster waiting to happen :(

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IMO the dog is showing signs of stress and anxiety - in particular licking his lips. Not cute....

Yep, totally agree..

I wish everyone knew the basic signs of stress in dogs..

This reminds me of another video that was doing the rounds not long ago - a lab and a little kids and the kid was trying to avoid the dog and the dog was putting its paws on the kid - it was pushed as 'beautiful' and 'cute'.. I don't think either video is cute.

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