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Didi :)


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Happy birthday Didi! Is that your pool or is it a special doggie pool? I love how it has the sloping entry so it is easy for them to get in and out!

It's at Kepala which is a boarding facility/doggy daycare and yes the slope is very handy for the dogs, especially if they can't swim/scared of not being able to touch the bottom.

Wow a year's gone by so quickly! Happy Birthday Didi!

She has such a pretty face :)

She looks like a very capable swimmer! I'm thinking that there's no way the Dane part of her is responsible for that particular trait :laugh:

I know it seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby, now she's just a big baby :laugh:

Yeah I don't think I've ever come across a Dane that likes water that much, Didi wanted to be in the pool the whole day and runs straight into the water at the beach though, probably the gundog she has lurking about is responsible for that!

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Finally got round to getting a new battery for my camera, not particularly great but oh well. Loving this little lady more and more everyday if that's possible :) I wish her dumb puppy demeanor transferred into pictures better, she always looks too serious!







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Been a while since I posted any Didi snaps!

She's 19mths now, stopped growing a while ago and has reached a stage I'm pretty happy with conditioning wise (though a tiny part of me wants to get her really shredded laugh.gif).

Only have a few phone photos, mostly from our walks.






and an bonus post-bath sooky Didi photo


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She looks in awesome condition, black dogs are the best for that shiny ripply coat.

Love the sooky photo,she looks very cute. I'll never get over the fact they'll jump into cold stinky water but act like it's pure cruelty to have a warm bath or shower!

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Thanks guys :)

She has grown into such a lovely looking girl :) her coat is SO good ! I am pleased to see an update ...although it seems no time since you first got her ...

I know perse it's so weird to think it was only a year and a half since we got her and that she's still so young... it feels like much longer than that!

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She's looking very healthy and strong :)

Love the crazy couch pic :laugh:

Does she like climbing up on things? Del loves climbing on stuff when we go for a walk.

Yeah she's a bit of a mountain goat on walks! She's surprisingly agile for how big and clunky she is, she can jump 1m from a standstill and will surprise me sometimes like when we're walking beside a retaining wall or something and all of a sudden she's walking along the top of it towering above me laugh.gif

She's not very good at dismounts though and I usually have to awkwardly help her down while she clings to me pathetically embarrass.gif

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Just some phone snaps from a nice winter's morning I took a week or so ago :)

Making her stop for some annoying poses on the way to the park...





Grumpy pants waiting for me to catch up.



At the top of the hill biggrin.gif


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