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Yesterday was a hard day as Tynka would have had her 9th birthday


Vizsla when I told her breeder when she first got the cancer and then in conversations after that , she always said to me " thank you for loveing and looking after Tynka "

I have always kept in contact with Tynka's and Ruby's breeder for about 7 years or so as mum got her CKCS from same lady

she was also heartbroken and we had tears over the phone

Dont know if brave or not when the time came , but just that look she had and I knew she was going to be in my arms that final time , as I had intended anyhow

( as we all wish for )

I knew it was about to happen when she wet her pillow and the way she looked at me

Her time had come to go be with her grandfather and her grandmother over at the bridge last year

I had been putting together a video so I could send to her breeder , and I had chosen the song I Thank You as it just seemed so right for her

I Thank You Tynka for letting me be part of your life and love , we knew each other only 22 months , but you took a massive part of me with you

When I was so sick this time last year , you were there for me to cuddle me and to comfort me

I am sure all our lovely DOL dogs are haveing a great run around together

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That is so sad, she was far too young and you had your beautiful wee girl for such a short time, although I have learnt myself with dogs it is never the length of time that matters and the time is always too short... I liked how you wrote she was there for you last year when you were so sick and then you were there in return to comfort her at the end. Run free little Tynka.

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