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Food Intolerance


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I am so grateful for so many replies and good advice -

Just want to add that my vet said to stay away from chicken necks

(he said chicken is ok, but not chiecken necks? - don't understand this one

and feed him small meals (so more frequently).

I am away at work so frequent feeding is out of question but he does get

two meals a day - breakfast and dinner instead of one big meal dogs usually have.

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I would be taking the dog to an internal medicine specialist. I wouldn't mess around any further with the local vet who appears to be making a diagnosis way out of left field without any testing to back up his food intolerance diagnosis. Cut to the chase and seek specialist attention. You can't go wrong that way.

Ask your vet for a referral to a specialist at the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre. The Glen Waverley centre is on the cnr. of Highbury and Blackburn Roads so it's fairly local to you and they are excellent. You need to find out exactly what's going on with your dog, the sooner the better. At the specialist centre they'll discover what's causing the problem and will give you a plan of action immediately.

I've had many elderly dogs and none of them have developed a food intolerance. My current dogs are now 10yo and 9yo. The 9yo suffers pancreatitis attacks if she eats fatty food and this was diagnosed when she was 4yo. Her problem is easy for me to manage.

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I think chicken necks are high in fat. My dogs won't eat them :(.

Please do as cavNrott suggests :cry: . I know we feel we have to trust our vets to know what is best for our animals, but they are human and fallible like the rest of us.

My current dogs are 14+, 13, 12, 12(?) and 10+. None of them has food intolerance. Fussy maybe :o and would live on cat food if I let them. I don't pamper them either. They get what I put down for them and, if they don't eat at one meal, they will at the next. Obviously, I wouldn't give them something they actively dislike or doesn't agree with them (nothing that I know of at this stage), but I feed a mixture of raw beef and chicken, vegetables and Optimum kibble. I also give them strips of roo jerky from time to time. Their treats are little nibbles of dried liver and generally that is only when we are out walking as behavioural method.

So, I think your vet needs to have a rethink about his performance.

I did have little dog with pancreatitis many years ago and as cavNrott says, that is easy to manage.

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Chicken necks are a bit dangerous if they are swallowed whole ... wings are very fatty ...

You can easily feed your dog 3 small meals ..brekky ... early tea... late supper.... :)

PLEASE see an experienced person .The longer you fiddle with food , the more your dog is uncomfortable and you have no idea of what is happening inside :(

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