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Bathtime Dogs


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Thought we needed an 'aawwww' thread tonight. :)

So today I bathed my dogs, Josie enjyed it so much she started to 'collapse' at one point and looked like she may have been high as a kite on something :laugh:, Sascha on the other hands grizzled the whole time and when the bathing was over they got to be jedi in their towels, which is the part Sascha does actually like(I didn't tell them that the next stop was a trip to the vet for a mani pedi...). So share your bath time photos so we can see :D




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So do I usually! I had an epiphany about putting a hose on to the bath tap and it was actually nice to not get out of the shower smelling like wet dog :laugh: (Plus I'm recovering from stitches on my back and not supposed to have long showers yet)

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Love the photos!!

Our dogs all love a hydro. They try to push in to get first bath. Bath time is loads of fun at our place. I love it as much as hey do :thumbsup:

This was a cute face shot of Jag just about to have his first hydro several years ago. He never grew out of the habit of nosing the bubbles. :D


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