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One week ago today, private messages, Facebook messages and texts were flying around trying to organise a pick-up for Benny. This time last week, at nearly 2.00, DH, Hermon and I had driven to Bringelly to pick him up and bring him home. Our first sight was of a terrified old dog. It was impossible to assess how strong he was in the back end because he was so scared it kept collapsing. The first few days involved hi coming to work with me and every time he got in the car, he got scared again because I think he thought he was going to be left somewhere strange again.

Today, I am lying on my bed with Brandi and Benny. He has obviously been very well loved as he is affectionate and cuddly. He has been roaching for us, snuggles close to us every chance he gets, is first out the door and gate on walks and, though he's not as quick as the others, shows plenty of enthusiasm for chasing leaves.

I am the lucky one in this, as I get to see him every day. We are working on his teeth and he has a corn which we're also dealing with (long and painful process!). He's eating well, sleeps through the night and is a complete love.

It is through the initial efforts of VizslasMomma and Maddy that this started happening, with support from HazyWal. Maddy paid his pound fees, and we used these $$$ to buy Benny his own donut bed and memory foam bed. Rebanne has made sure he's cosy in a beautiful coat from Annie K. Alyosha is giving him a collar of his own. And everyone else has been incredibly supportive! We got his name tag engraved yesterday. So Benny would like to say thanks, and show you some new photos.


Benny enjoys lying in the sun, but on days when there is some winter chill, Benny prefers Annie K's coats above all others, for fit, comfort and warmth!


Saturday morning breakfast.


His new donut bed. It is very soft and comfy and is now the bed of choice for all f them! Benny ends up on it most of the time though.


Memory foam. Another popular choice for everyone but I think his best option in terms of support. It has a pillowed top, with a doona, pillow and two fleece blankets. Hermon is sleeping in it right now, but at night, it belongs to Ben.

Thank you all for looking, and thank you all again for your support.

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Oh my, Benny is to die for :love: What a grand old fella. Looks like he has been with you forever Brandiandwe.

Great photo's of him snuggled up in his new toasty warm coat & a brand new bed as well. Just as he should be :heart:

Huge thanks to all that made this possible for him & to you Brandiandwe for taking him on :thanks: :D

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We're not sure about keeping him or not yet. Officially anyway!!!! My plan is to get him right health wise and Greencollared so if he does get rehomed, his new parents will have nothing to worry about. But he is very special, and he really fits in very well! We're calling him a foster, but we adopted him last week to get him out of the pound.

As for the Kirkland beds, they are from Costco and are The Bomb! The only place they still have them us at The Crissroads, but if anyone wants to meet me there, I am a member. The donut one was about $38 and the memory foam $63.

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It's a gun that will be fired anyhow. I hope he'll stay but DH must agree and we've got to be the right place for him. He deserves the best possible home. If we aren't it, for whatever reason, we'll find him where he needs to be.

The beds are awesome. Everyone here loves them, the inner scare water resistant and they have stood up to Paige nesting and attempting to rip them apart.

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Today Benny came along for the Hills Hounds walk where he met 8 new greyhounds, saw a pug and had a lovely walk. He did really well, and is now collapsed on a bed and is snoring softly. We're chasing up his tattoo but it looks like either his tattoo is wrong OR he is only nine and not eleven. I'm quite pleased - he's certainly very spry and happy. Hopefully we'll know in a few days.

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Corns suck, although I'm not sure if what we dealt with was a corn, a small corn or a very painful callous. It started off with a small visible circle on one of his pads which was more visible when wet. I started off with moisturising the pad to soften the corn then applying duct tape to it with a Dr Scholl corn pad over night. This contains salicylic acid. After a couple of days, the corn (or whatever) was much more prominent and I was able to peel off a layer and kept up the treatment. Then a couple more days and I could actually dig it all out. I didn't take any photos, but it left a little crater in his pad and a ring of hard skin. I kept moisturising and his pad is back to normal now. I'm just keeping an eye on it because I'm scared or recurrence but he isn't limping any more.

There are some good information sites for you and your vets. I was told today that here the most usual treatment is surgical. I don't think it is necessary to put the dog under in order to treat the corn, and if the dog is in pain, the vet is digging in too far. But there's no hard and fast treatment.

What I was planning to do if this didn't work is to keep the pad and corn moisturised and soft, buy a therapaw boot to cushion the paw and the corn and keep on duct taping.

As for whether it is a corn or not, the area should feel hard and unlike the rest of the pad. It is probably painful if you squeeze it from the side.

The best site is: Grassmere Animal Hospital

There's also a Greyhounds With Corns group on Facebook where there is a wealth of advice and help.

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What a complete sweetheart - so glad you could take him from the pound - those eyes tell his story - how sad that he ended up alone and frightened in the pound when he had already lost a much loved owner :cry: but one week on and :thumbsup:

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