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Sheltie May Need New Home - Semi Urgent

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Hi all,

I dont have all the details, but thought I would get it out there as I have no idea what is involved.

My mother purchased a Sheltie 12 months ago - circumstances changed and she needed to find him a new home. Contacted his breeder who may have been able to take him back, but was not especially keen (I have no probs with this, he did not wipe his hands of the situation, but was more than happy for mum to place him out rather than him (the breeder) take him back in to what would have been a completely different situation (much busier, noisier, 'outside with 8 other dogs' environment) to rehome him from there.

Mum did everything right - desexed him before advertising him and screened the home, placed a reasonable (not exorbitent but enough to make people stop and think) price on him etc. He was placed with a lovely older lady, inside dog etc, with the offer of 'if he does not settle in a week bring him back and she will return his purchase price'.

Several calls, everyone happy etc, etc. After 2-3 months the new owner has just rung with 'my health has deteriorated, I am going in to hospital, you need to come and get him this morning'.

Mum can take him back, but only very temporary. She is going out there this morning and will know more later.

But, if she does need to pick him up, she will need to find a home for him quickly (as in within days).

I am after constructive assistance - I am guessing there will be some rants about people considering dogs to be disposible, but that is not the case.

He is a happy, well adjusted, obedient, housetrained good citizen - used to the dog park, beach, daily walks, other dogs, cats, inside and outside etc. He is very shy with new people - after 15 mins they are his best friend, and not skittish in anyway around people he knows, but read the standard of 'reserved with strangers' and took it to heart.

Contacting the club, and his breeder are both options, but I would rather not.

I dont know the 'rescue' sceen in Adelaide, and dont see him as a true rescue, but thought that with their contacts and network, it may be possible for him to go in to foster and be placed through there.

He would need no vet work, behavioural work etc - he is truly a lovely dog that due to no fault of his (or anyone else) is in a situation where he needs to find a new home to spend the next 15 years with

Any ideas?

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Is there a Sheltie rescue?

Aside from a breed specific rescue, Id be contacting rescues to see if they could take him on as a surrender.

Oops, just saw you mentioned rescue. This would be my first port of call tbh.

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thanks Anne - I just dont know who are the 'good' rescues

I have no problems with a 'good' rescue financially benefitting from him (sorry, could not find a better way of writing that) - he would require no vet work etc, would be easily rehomeable and is very appealing etc. And rescues need to have dogs which leave them financially in front so that they can afford to look after the dogs who require $$$ and they place out at a loss.

But I dont want him to be a cheap and easy turnover (again, cant think of better wording) for a less than ideal rescue who only take the easy ones and will see him as a quick buck

Would appreciate any recommendations, ta

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I think we can definitely recommend Miss Squish :thumbsup:

Basically a good rescue would have a thorough screening/matching process including interview, yard checks, asking for references ie from a vet, a groomer etc (depending on breed).

I just took 3 months to rehome a Toy Poodle I rescued - had quite a few enquiries but I was not going to rehome this dog who'd led a horrendous life for 7 years, into the first home or to the first seemingly nice person that called.

I wanted to rehome her with preferably another Poodle or playful small dog, with someone who knew the breed and the grooming requirements etc - this would be the same for a Sheltie.

The home I found was worth the wait, an amazing home!

I hope this dear little dog finds the perfect spot.

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If for any reason Miss Squish cant help, I am in WA and do Sheltie rescue as part of my all breeds rescue, will help a Sheltie anywhere in Aust if needed. I am also part of the WA Sheltie Club

Sorry I dont come here very often anymore

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