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What Time Do You Feed Your Dogs?

flame ryder

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Mine get fed once a day, at whatever time they get fed. Sometimes it's 9am, sometimes it's 11pm, or anywhere in between. They also occasionally have starve days :dropjaw:

This works really well for me, because a) i'm not very good at following a schedule, and b) I like to be able to maintain flexibility.

It has certainly come in handy, about a year ago when we'd just moved (and didn't know any of the neighbours), my grandpa passed away and (long story short), the dogs ended up being home alone for almost 48 hours. We had no issues at all :) I wouldn't make a habit of leaving them alone for so long of course, but we didn't have much of an option at the time.

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Once a day in the afternoon or at night. I feed them at different times so they know they will be fed but just not when, which gives me flexibility for feeding times depending on the day and they don't harass me for their dinner.

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