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FREE to submit photos of all dog sports for coverage, just email [email protected] or we can set up a dropbox link for you.

SEPTEMBER ROYAL EDITION, deadline 25th August.

You, and everyone else can read it for FREE at www.k9online.com.au

FREE to DOWNLOAD and view later.

$100 per page (Including artwork)

$50 per page if you supply your own completed artwork.

Deadline 25th of each month.

Always out on the first on the month, as proven over the last 12months.

Adverts stay online in our archives as well as Facebook.

With links directing back to the magazine on the front page of Dogz Online, whelping supplies & ShowManager.

Join our extensive email list of 15,721+ breeders, exhibitors, judges and business around the world !

Sign up here - http://www.k9online.com.au/email-subscribe.asp


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