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Durong Dingo Sanctuary


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  • 1 month later...

Have been busy and time behind the lens and especially on forums has been limited.

I was back up at the Dingo Sanctuary with a mate helping with some construction (concreting in 44deg heat is hard work it turns out haha).

Zahra Chamberlain was actually on TV again Sunday morning while I was up there. https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/25528270/protecting-sisters-murderer/

Got a few more shots.

15803138052_dd62f420b3_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Eli by dPphodography, on Flickr

My favourite

15616394027_4e88c4863a_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary by dPphodography, on Flickr

Zarha the pup, now past 6months

15182127823_297bc68fce_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Zahra by dPphodography, on Flickr

Eli letting them know who's boss in the enclosure. Never any 'snapping' just mouthing, interesting to watch the differences vs domestic dogs. With people a large percentage of domestic dogs could perhaps learn a thing or two, they are more gentle, precise and well mannered than many surprisingly, despite being so cautious an wary of us.

15801571245_b871c2eaf9_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Eli showing who's No.1 by dPphodography, on Flickr

15616395557_8d5d6f6cf7_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Zahra by dPphodography, on Flickr

15803136652_bce1ec0f02_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Moon by dPphodography, on Flickr

Dad and the kids,

15181608884_236f3a5471_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Dingo Simon & The Crew by dPphodography, on Flickr

My mate slowly coaxing a few in close, Shaking for treats is best haha

15615743219_d14a761652_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary by dPphodography, on Flickr

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Krislin, haha yeah they can put on some good poses. Zahra, the white alpine pup (now about 6 months old) can't get enough of playing with camera gear. Neoprene wrist straps make good tug toys it seems haha.

Teekay, all the shooting info (EXIF) is on the Flickr site if you click on the pics, but the camera is FujiFilm X-T1 (apsc mirrorless) and the lens on all of the last batch of pics is the 35mm 1.4 . The earlier shots also use the Zeiss 12mm 2.8 and the cheap 50-230mm slow lens I have too in a few of them.

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  • 5 months later...

As my post in the other general pics thread, I've had no camera for a while, but no it's back, so is my interest, so I'm trolling forums again! haha.

A couple more pics from my last visit for those who haven't likely already seen a while ago on Flickr. Didn't take many pics, was too busy working on stuff.

Zahra Chamberlain (1/2 sister of Azaria) with the Dingoes

15470027094_b63da8c01c_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Shake Eli by dPphodography, on Flickr

16091583682_a5a7efd7cf_c.jpgZahra Chamberlain & Zarha the Alpine Dingo Pup at Durong Dingo Sanctuary by dPphodography, on Flickr

Ray (from Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary) feeding Eli

16092352635_bcfb820a9a_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Ray from Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary feeding Wathamba by dPphodography, on Flickr

15904921518_a085965788_b.jpgDurong Dingo Sanctuary - Eli by dPphodography, on Flickr

The misses attempting to match Ray's feeding efforts lol

17365596601_a403e8a28d_b.jpgDSCF3072-Edit.jpg by dPphodography, on Flickr

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Haha yeah it's a bit of a novelty with Eli (that Dingo) . I see your point though..

I'd be more confident feeding them than many peoples pets though, exponentially more precise in their movement and actions and far more gentle and careful. I guess it shows the lack of spacial awareness that many peoples pets have is man made haha.

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