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Thoughts On Choosing A Breeder


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I'm guess the OP is referring to me here. Put it simply, i wanted to introduce collies to my partner so we could be sure that a collie is in fact the right dog for us. I already know this, as i've had one before, but she hasn't. I think they referred us to the dog show, as that's where we could see said dogs, even if they are show dogs. We are not after a show dog, but there we may be able to find a breeder, and perhaps a non-show dog. THe long and the short about it, is we just want an example of the dog, to be sure about it. Ideally that would just be someone in a park with that specific dog type. Problem is, we've never encountered one.

Hi Hawkeye,

I hoped I read your other post right, I suggested a walk through the dog show so you could show your partner some Collies and maybe even ask some show people about their experiences with the breed and suggests some breeders to research. Can I ask if you went, how did you find it? After reading this thread I thought about my first experiences with shows and realise it can actually be off putting so I hope you had a better experience than I did many years ago. Seeing a DOLer offer to meet you there and introduce you to Collie people sounded like a very warm opportunity so I hope if you got there that it went well.

Wasn't there a thread earlier this year on how registered breeders might consider reviewing their marketing and advertising of their dogs to be competitive with BYBers? I'm not wanting to start an argument but I thought maybe this was along similar thoughts, if so many people look for a dog by online searching and they come up with easy access BYB pups, maybe registered reputable breeders could use marketing and websites to reduce the perception that show dogs are a whole different world? I've spoken to breeders who just wanted to tell me how expensive their dogs were to buy or breed so the litters would be soooooo great and how many wins the dogs have had etc but at the end of the day that's not the information I wanted or what I think the regular pet dog owner wants either. I have owned pedigree mains registered dogs and crossbreeds, their first and most important thing was to be loved family pets regardless of where they came from but yes, I did feel it was a scarier and more difficult thing to find a pedigree dog.


Sorry for the delay. We didn't manage to get to the dog show, my partner got called into work and so i was left car-less in a car dependent city. Ultimately we have been left high and dry, now desperate to see an actual collie (at a show or otherwise) before i make the decision to drive some 4 hrs to see a potential puppy to 'adopt' (is that the correct term? Can't buy family right?). I've contacted a bunch of breeders, being careful not to just ask 'interested in one of your puppies - when i next litter expected', instead trying to start a conversation with them. Only one replied, and while hopeful, hoping to get a bit more concrete plan sorted. We have, not necessarily a limited window, but a best time to get a puppy (just before Christmas, where my Christmas shut-down will enable me to be home everyday). So, not knowing where to go from here is rather frustrating. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As for a pedigree, i'm not overly fussed, we have no plans on showing said pup. But we do want something we can be sure is a full collie, and not mixed. Had a bad experience buying a dog (well my parents) that was said to be a pedigree, but just didn't have the certificates. He - Mac, turned out to have a range of medical issues, hip dyspepsia, epilepsy, various skin conditions to mention a few. So we don't want to go down that path, instead we want something that we know is a pedigree, from a reputable breeder (think Mac's problem is he was likely inbred, perhaps close family in fact). (funny thing is Mac, now 14 shows no sign of going anywhere even though he's well past the life expediency of his breed - Brittney. He lives on a farm, with acres to run, and is up and out running around each day - although he also sleeps a lot...)

So any pointers in this area would be warmly welcomed.


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Reading another thread, where a person asking about getting a pure breed pup wanted to know where they could go and meet one was directed to a dog show with an invitation to meet a breeder of that breed, I was struck by the reply but didn't want to hijack that thread.

The reply was something along the lines of they hadn't thought about meeting a show breeder, they didn't want to show but just wanted an example that they knew was pure.

I have come across that attitude before. It is not anti-show breeder, it is just the assumption that show dogs are some sort of exotic speciality and not suited to being pets. If only they knew - most of them are household pets!

Couldn't agree more. I've frequently found this thinking. When someone's been interested in getting a particular breed as a pet & I've suggested ways to contact registered breeders, the response may be, 'But I don't want to show. I want a pet.' And they honestly believe that 'show' breeders only sell to other 'show' breeders.

When I've told them that registered breeders sell to pet people.... & that many registered breeders treat their 'show' dogs like pets... it's a revelation. Then they're off to make enquiries, starting with the Dogzonline resources ... & are often later hugely grateful.

I learned the lesson many, many years ago in an article by an RSPCA Qld Inspector about avoiding supporting puppy farms. He said that, if a person wanted a purebred puppy, to go direct to breeders registered with the State Canine Kennel Association (now Dogz) ... & carefully look for one who treated their dogs & puppies with love and complete care. And who socialized them well. Gave the Association's phone number to start the search... I was a pet person & this proved pure gold telling me where to look & what to look for. Rest is history... we've had wonderful p/b pet dogs ever since.

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One of the things I make sure I do on my website is have photos not just of the dogs at shows, but also doing lots of other things too - whether it is cuddling on the bed, interacting with children or elderly (or us!) or at football games, public events, with chickens, playing in the paddock, and simply doing 'everyday stuff'. It shows there is more to them than dog shows and also shows their temperament and versatility. I loved this when I saw it on a friends website (with a different breed) so was sure to do it on my own. I find people looking at the page love to see it and a lot of the pet enquiries I get, people specifically mention how much they loved seeing the dogs doing different things as it really gave them a feel for what they are like. A lot say they chose to contact me because of it.

That is absolutely awesome and a brilliant way to get across to the general public that show dogs aren't some sort of exotic creature that sits on a cushion when not at shows, but are family members just like other dogs! thumbsup1.gif


When I was waiting for Horrible Herbert, his breeder sent photos weekly of what was going on with the dogs. It was also a great intro to her attitude and approach. The day we went to collect Herbert, we actually spent the 1st hour playing with the adult dogs. That hour I will never forget as it was simply fun.

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Here's a link for you Hawk if you scroll down. There would be around 100 rough and smooth Collies there, possibly a little less.


I really have no idea about distances as I live in Melbourne. There isn't a Collie Club in the ACT and Collie numbers have really dropped off but there are a couple of breeders in the ACT. Not sure how many are active though. :)

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