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The video on Monika's Rescues got me thinking.

I've a degree in graphic design, and in one of my pat lives, ran my own website and marketing company.

About me:

Not working anymore as I have incurable Stage IV breast cancer. Two young teen girls and a 6 month old lab boy. I may have 18 months before the chemo stops working, I may have 5 years.

The offer:

Free website design for rescue organisations who have simple needs (I AM doing chemo daily after all!). 5-7 pages on your organisation, your adoptable dogs and anything else. NO shopping cart stuff or online ordering please - that's pretty involved stuff and I hate the programming involved. Thinking about a page for details, some pages on who's looking for a home, contact details and. Enquiry about a specific dog and a page or two for extras. All easy to navigate, clean and crisp design, professional l

I'll do logo redesign/design, flyers and letterhead. 3 choices of design - 3 re workings of your final choice.

Cost is NOTHING. Nix. Nada. As long as you are a rescue organisation. You are responsible for registering your domain name and choosing a domain provider (if you don't have one already). I can help you upload your new design and help you learn to update it yourself.

The catch? Well I AM doing chemo so I once I commit to you, I will work for you every day unless I'm throwing my guts up or am hospitalised - so please, no urgent gotta be done this weekend jobs.

Questions? Interested? Post here.

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Hi stressmagnet,

That's really kind and honourable given your difficult situation. I'm inspired to help if I can - I have hosting for .NET/PHP and Wordpress, so if you do any websites for rescue organisations I'd be happy to host them for free if they need it. The Wordpress host I use is really good, so it depends what you do.

Let me know if I can help :)

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