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Introducing Gretel (aka Tonichi Black Gypsy)!


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  • 2 months later...

Today we were lucky enough to meet SwaY and her gorgeous Affens! And to have her trust us enough to have her lovely boy Jango come live with us :D . So hard to photograph these dogs but here are a few pics:









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Roova SwaY would be the best person to ask as she knows the breed inside and out, and I only have the one, my first. Gretel is a low energy, affectionate lap dog. She is very funny and loves to make us laugh. She's naughty in the nicest possible way. She is shy and submissive with strangers but I believe that is more her than a breed trait. Certainly the Affens we met today were all very outgoing and friendly. They are adorable little dogs :D

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