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Osteosarcoma In Giant Breeds


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So there's no real need for x-rays, the vet can already feel thickening in the bone :'( Please tell me what I should do - I don't know whether to bring her home or not :'(

I think for your own good you would want to xray because otherwise you could feel concern that maybe it wasn't Cancer?

Agreed. I would ask for an xray so I was sure exactly what I was dealing with.

So sorry, RIP Lucy. Our heart takes an absolute beating when it hapens so suddenly.

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Our baby girl was given her wings this afternoon. The cancer was well into her shoulder cavity and the bone had already been compromised to the point where if we brought her home she would have sustained a pathological fracture. My heart is in a million pieces.

Please take courage in the fact you loved your Lucy and set her free from more pain.

Sending you LOVE.

Be free Lucy

No more pain.


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