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Dog Stolen Gold Coast


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I'm also starting to think cameras would be good. No need out the front as my house is roof gutter high with a fence to fence brick wall. The back of my house and yard is a different story.

Is it expensive to have a security camera or two installed? Doing the job myself is out of the question it would need to be done by a professional.

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You could tell that the dog was a real sweetheart - what a low life scum. Chances are the police know who he is.

Sadly I think a lot of dogs would go with someone putting a lead on them - they would just think they were going for a walk!

So happy he has been returned.

Mine won't go if someone else puts a lead on them unless I walk a couple of steps in the direction they're supposed to be walk..even with the vet. However they're small enough to be picked up.

I don't think Zig would either - he freezes if our obedience instructor takes his lead and I am there with him.

I know Ollie dog would have gone with anyone attaching a leash to his collar - he loved to go for walks.

I agree about the cameras being a good idea - sad that we have to resort to videoing out own homes these days.

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Guest donatella

Glad this is good news I bet the locals are feeling terrified and unnerved. I hope they find this disgusting man

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We have cameras we bought and popped up ourselves that feed back to PC to record and I can check in via my phone.

I think they cost about $200?

Worth every cent! Have a look on Kogan, be wary of the picture quality though, some are pretty rubbish.

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I'm also starting to think cameras would be good. No need out the front as my house is roof gutter high with a fence to fence brick wall. The back of my house and yard is a different story.

Is it expensive to have a security camera or two installed? Doing the job myself is out of the question it would need to be done by a professional.

Not expensive.

The expense may be more in what the installer wants to charge.

to maybe aid your decision, have a look at a company called jaycar


They have stores all over Australia. The staff I have ever spoken to have been helpful AND not patronising towards a female.

I had picked a system tha was going to cost nearly $900. They were able to tell me what to buy at nearly half that price with the same effect.

I would hope you never need it. But for peace of mind and security, it is great. Also, some Home Insurance companies may give a discount.

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Just a FYI, I had to get them because my neighbour, in a drunken state, threatened to kill either Tibor or Horrible Herbert.

He had an AVO taken out by the Police. He breached that. He did a couple of hundred dollars worth of damage to our house, including removing the main switch fuse. ( worth over $89 to replace). he smashed out front windows too.

However, he was not aware I had cameras in. I only told the Police.

When we went for the Court hearing, he denied ever being on the property after that AVO was issued.

He kinda had a squeaky bum moment when the tapes & photos were produced.

His lesson was never EVER threaten my animals, EVER.


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Nothing quite like a nasty neighbour to make life a misery. They destroy the friendly vibe of the area.

My neighbours are lovely with the exception of the man who lives at the back of my property. He's a lazy sod and has planted some hideous things along the fence line including invasive, running bamboo that is thriving amongst all his tall weeds. He does no yard maintenance and three of his neighbours including me, had to call the council to visit him on different occasions because he leaves his food rubbish (he calls it compost) laying around the yard and rats were breeding on his property and affecting all of us. Why would a person who does no planting or gardening require compost and how about a compost bin?

This bamboo is now throwing canes all down the side of my house and I shudder to think what it's doing to my foundations (what are those loud cracking noises I often hear coming from under my house?) His bamboo is also causing a mess over my paved areas. It is totally out of control and is also causing the fence to lean. I posted a polite letter to him yesterday asking him to attend to this. I suspect he'll ignore my letter and I'll have to pay a handyman or gardener to deal with the problem.

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I do deal with the canes that come up on my side Perse and find Glyphosate to be the best. I cut the canes and leave some green growth to poison.

This is the neighbour that has the self sown huge loquat treat on the fence line that almost caused the death of my Cavalier girl who ate the dropped fruit and developed an intestinal blockage. As it happened that very large tree eventually happened to die. He thought I may be to blame and called the council to knock on my door. The council guy and left here with no thought of me being to blame. This sod of a neighbour is not popular with the council, they're probably sick of the complaints about him.

Unfortunately the loquat tree though quite dead has now grown all these self sown suckers that again are growing beside the dead tree and are about 5 metres above the fence line. The neighbour never did cut down the dead tree in the interest of safety. It's a matter of time before the dead branches fall and cause some damage. Hopefully they fall his way and not on my roof. My house is close to the back fence as there are two houses on my block and mine is at the back.

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This is doing the rounds on FB:

"Dylan Carpenter

Enough of the B.S!!


Please share this..

Many of my fb friends got involved and will remember, 5 or so weeks back I shared a post of my friend Petras. She was trying to find a good new home for a dog named Linc, who was neglected and not being looked after by his young owner. The boys mother and neighbours had had enough of the poor animal always crying in distress, and as the boy still would not take his responsibility seriously, the mother had decided to give him away.

One of my mates Matt jumped at the opportunity and was over the moon to be getting a new best mate.

Petra and Matt organised to collect him with Kath the mother. Matt even made two trips down from Brisbane to do so, but on arrival he was asked to please give Kath a little more time to talk her son Jackson into doing the right thing and letting Linc go wilfully.

Matt was also told that regardless of whether or not Jackson did come round, Kath couldn't bare to see the animal neglected any longer. She felt cruel keeping Linc like this and they would defiantly give Him away.

Jackson did not come round. And Sadly Instead of setting the right example to her son, and doing the right thing by the animal, Kath still did not step in and Left Matt and Linc hanging Despite the fact she knew Jackson was never going to change his attitude towards his responsibility. This was very upsetting to myself, Petra and of course Matt, who got the address from Petra so he could go there and try to get through to them face to face.

He drove down again and as no one answered the doorbell, sat outside waiting for some time before talking to a neighbour who's accounts of the boy's care for Linc, added to Matts state of mind. Still nobody came home so stupidly and impulsively, thinking it was the right thing to do for the animal, Matt did what he did.

Two wrongs don't make a right and Matt knows his actions of stealing and trespassing were wrong. For that he's remorseful and has accepted he will be punished. But he acted out of passion as he is an animal lover. Not because he is a selfish thief or lowlife scum who would harm an animal, as Kath and Jackson left the media and public to assume by lying to them about the situation.


* Matts name has been dragged through the mud nationally, and he has been tarred with the same brush as the scumbags who steal people's pets to be used as fighting or bait dogs.

*The media, and the overwhelming number of good Australians who shared the story and helped search for Linc and his cold hearted thief have all been deceived and played.

*Jackson has not only NOT learned valuable life lessons like being responsible for your pets, he learned that right or wrong, he can get his way. And that its ok to destroy a mans name and manipulate a story to mislead police, the media and the people of the entire country if it helps you achieve what you want.

Shame on both of you Kath. And Jackson, after all this, mate I hope you will at least have enough eyes on you that you might feel the need to man up and take responsibility for Linc. Give him the love he needs, like you and your mother SAID you always did when you both lied to the media."

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