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I think my friends whippet had this. He recovered but it was slow. That was a couple of years ago now though and to see him now you'd never know he'd been sick.

I also wanted to add thankyou to Rappie. It's wonderful to have you as a member here with all your knowledge and advice that you give so willingly. :thanks:

I second this ^^ . Thanks Rappie.


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Hi all just an update...Dusty has fully recovered! Long process but her count is back to normal and she is great. The only problem is she has put on 3 kilos and is now quite overweight... the vet said apparently she can get in back ..but I am more aware now of symptoms. I am lucky i had pet insurance or it would have really cost me big time approx 2500.00 plus tablets. The vet said she was very lucky and early treatment saved her.

Good to hear this nice, welcoming news, Lorello. Good for you and for your Vet for getting your dog back :)

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