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Laminate Flooring

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I am also interested in laminate flooring. Some of the newer ones look real but without the drawbacks of wood flooring which needs maintenance? I am concerned about the ones that lock together because like Christina I am concerned about piddles getting into the cracks. I would want a floor that was totally sealed. ash1 is your flooring totally waterproof? If it just locks together how can it be fully sealed?

It's not totally waterproof as in the cracks aren't sealed, so you don't want to keep it wet all the time, but it is okay with getting splashed/wet from time to time.

The laminate won't be the issue, it would be the floorboards underneath that would become a problem if it was always wet. And I guess if it was getting piddled on constantly it would start to smell because you would not be able to clean up the piddle underneath - in that case I think you would be better off with something like lino that the wee couldn't soak through to underneath. Fortunately we don't get piddles on the laminate, we have one of those doggie loos down for our old girl and she will use that.

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