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Best Water Bottle For Dog Walks?

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A friend bought a collapsible silicone bowl like the one in the link below. It comes with a nice and strong clip and is pretty handy:


I have a Kurgo one I purchased at Pet Barn ages ago -- they still stock them and are larger than the one above. It doesn't have anywhere to connect it though and I keep it in the boot of my car for when we go on trips.

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I just use an ordinary sports drink bottle with a nipple on it, and my dog drinks the stream from it.

It's not really good for sharing tho. I was thinking of using an ordinary drink bottle and taking a small cap lid thingy to put water in for her.

I've got a neoprene sock for my drink bottles (or wine bottles) that does a good job of keeping the water cold for a few hours. Even in the car.

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Couldn't you just use a thermos? Not much different to the h2O4K9 one really. Would keep water cool. Has a cup that screws off?

Quite possibly and I was thinking about this, but I think the price will be similar to the doggies one and the cup may not be wide enough for a husky snout :D

You can get a wide mouth thermos....


( just to show you)...


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