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Another Microchip Reunion - After 4 Years


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Family dog stolen four years ago turns up ‘broken’ after brave escape



Ranger Nicole Davenport with six year old rottweiler Robert, recovered by Litchfield council after going missing four years ago. Picture: Aaron Burton

It’s taken four years but this story has finally got the happy ending it deserves.

Robert the rottweiler was stolen from his distraught family’s Humpty Doo property back in 2011, and despite desperate attempts to find him his disappearance remained a mystery.

Having given up hope of finding their beloved Robert, who was only two at the time, the family eventually gave up its search and moved to Brisbane, not thinking he would be seen again.

But it appears the determined canine escaped his suspected captors and was earlier this week found looking worse for wear and wandering the rural area roads.

Litchfield Council ranger Nicole Davenport said a resident spotted the neglected and underweight dog and called the council.

Robert had callouses on his back when found, consistent with being kept in a concrete bunker. Picture: Aaron Burton

A microchip scan revealed his owners’ details.

“He was just broken, standing by the side of the road sad and broken. The poor fellow appears to have had an awful life,” Ms Davenport said.

“Judging by his appearance, such as the callouses on his back, it appears he was kept in some kind of concrete bunker.”

Ms Davenport said the dog was a purebred rottweiler so he may have been targeted deliberately for breeding. However it doesn’t appear that his captors had his wellbeing at heart.

“He was not in a good state and appears to have been underfed, too. Thankfully Litchfield Vets treated him and will remove his tooth, which has rotted – all for free.”

The “surprised and emotional” owners were contacted last week and Litchfield council will pay costs to have Robert couriered back home.

Ms Davenport asked anyone who could escort Robert to Brisbane in the coming days to contact the council on 8983 0600. She also advised residents to make sure their dogs were microchipped.

Originally published as Great escape for stolen dog

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Wonderful news...

Such a shame he was stolen & treated so dam cruelly. What scumbags they'd be ???? Hope they rot in hell !!!

You are one very fortunate fella to escape the clutches of thieves boy.

You are right where you belong now... Home. Enjoy every minute. Bet your family are thrilled to bits ????

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Microchipping is worth its weight in gold. I have just received an email about another reunion of dog and rightful owner.

The law may not be able to do much about Robert's captors :mad but I feel sure that KARMA will give them what they deserve.


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I just love his name! And isn't it amazing what that council are doing to ensure he gets back home? Lucky he wasn't in Vic in the 'care' of LDH.

Litchfield is a rural council IIRC so likely to be much more helpful. Just glad Robert wasn't found around here - the local councils here would have put him down and asked questions later.

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