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Proheart For $15 Free Shipping!

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Apparently Proheart tablets are being discontinued, Fort Dodge are only going to be producing their yearly injection.

What? Nooooo

ahhh this news is interesting. One of our major suppliers at work has stopped supplying it (no information was given to us in the store!!) all of a sudden. Bugger. Got a few customers who prefer just giving that tablet for heart worm and not the other worms in one go.

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That's what I prefer. Are there any other heartworm only monthly tabs?

yes but they have ivermectin in them

That's what I thought :/

Well I bought a pack of the proheart, which will last until June.

Anyone have any recs for an Aussie friendly combined wormer after this?

I'll hurry up and get him MDR1 tested next month so hopefully it will be negative and can use anything.

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