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Hi all! I am seeking some advice for my 1 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Luna.

We never took her to puppy school or any obedience training because she has had some medical issues (bacterial infection as a puppy, meningitis by at six months old and a broken leg recently :( ). But she is on the mend!

She's developed a few behavioral issues since being diagnosed for meningitis (e.g. cars, bikes and people lunging). And what's really frustrating is that she will tend to bite/ get aggressive when she doesn't want us to leave the room or refuse to play with her. We are hoping to get a personal trainer because we think that it will help target those issues directly.

Any recommendations? We are open to suggestions to obedience training classes as well.

We are located in the Eastern suburbs, around the Doncaster area.


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Gosh its the only time I wish I lived in Melbourne when I here of experienced, dedicated trainers like this perse. I'd give anything to have access to a trainer of their calliper primarily for one on one training then hopefully agility /obedience classes.

I am so keen to find a weekly trainer in my area. Unfortunately no luck so far.

Sorry don't mean to detail your thread PBB

You live in a great dog trainer part of the world LOL

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I heartily endorse the K9Company - very knowledgeable and caring trainers who modify their approach based on what works for you and your dog! They also have several locations including Doncaster!!

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