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Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed


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Has anybody purchased this product (or similar) for their dog?


I found it on Amazon as the manufacturer doesn't ship overseas but i have been reading some of the negative reviews about the product which doesn't fill me with confidence even thought the majority seems pretty positive.

Has anyone got one of these or recommend something similar?

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Try Pets on the Park.

If you scroll down there are some towards the bottom of page 1 and 1/3 of the way down on page 2


They look cosy :)

I have to say i just watched a video on youtube with those MIyow & Barkley beds and they look pretty cool. A bit of a shame about the price on some of these beds!

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My whippet Obie has a Whippetwear Cocoon bed and he looooves it, took him a few weeks to work out how to use it but a few treats just inside it and he was 'in like flynn' funniest thing is when he's inside and the small white fluffy lays on top of the entrance trapping him hahaha.

Definitely a great buy for me as in winter he will even go sleep in his own bed instead of nosing under the blankets of my bed :)

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