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Yes exactly Tassie! So glad they brought him back but it makes it hard to trust your instinct about people after all the visits and phone calls! The boys make everything as easy as 2 puppies could - Ginny would like to hang out with them more but I keep her very busy!

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how old are they now TSD?

10 weeks megan - the boys are having a lovely time here but they need to get out and see more of the world! I have taken Sir Humphrey out and he was all over everybody so I think I will start doing that with both of them this week a bit more. I'm very conscious that it's a critical time for socialisation although I know lots of puppies don't leave the breeder until 10-12 weeks.

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It's funny how things work out! Jim went off to his new home last Thursday and they just love him - being super good around the kids, old dogs and cat and enjoying training already. My friend and colleague held a soft spot for Jim since he was 5 weeks old and was so chuffed that things worked out for her family timing wise that she took the plunge!


So Ginny and Sir H are having fun on their socialisation outings...first time in the big dog car crate and they wrestled all the way out and back :laugh:


Sir H is taking it all in his stride as we try to find his perfect home...


Whilst Ginny is working out how much she can get away with!


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I thought I best update this thread - I have 100s of photos but I reckon the videos are more fun :D

Here's a bit of crazy...

And a bit of training...

Learning impulse control...

And her first retrieving training sessions...I was thrilled as her first attempt but she's doing even better now!

Playing with a gorgeous little girl on one of our outings...

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What an awesome thread! I am so glad I found it for my first read of the morning!

What a beautiful and fun loving pup Ginny is, you're going to have your hands full that's for sure!

I had an idea about finding good committed owners; in this day and age of phone cameras, people who have owned a dog recently should have reams of training footage and photos. These really show what people focus on with their dogs. People may regularly transfer them to PC, so there isn't neccesarily historical footage, but on any random day if you asked to see, it'd show a good example of an average day. Currently my phone is full of heeling (focus on precision, pivots, side steps) under high distraction at the beach (I cajole my husband to the beach with us so I can make him film our progress). Training in particular is something I tend to film to gauge progress, I bet most people do. We also have footage of bush walks and fetch in the dam (where she just gets to be a dog and have fun). By contrast, another friend of mine, who has more sedentary, less demanding dogs, has a phone full of her dogs sitting around at home on the furniture, or playing very desultory low energy games of bitey face in the lounge room. She's a great owner of that kind of dog, but wouldn't have the lifestyle to be able to accommodate a really demanding dog.

Anyway, asking for footage and photos of prospective owners current or previous dogs could give you an idea of which have a suitable lifestyle and are thoroughly prepared for a dog that needs work. And which owners are likely to be a bit shocked and bemused by how high energy and demanding your pups are and want to give them back. I don't think it'd be too weird to ask Anyway, it's an idea.

Well I bet you are going to have enormous fun today - you have no choice with a pup like Ginny! It's going to be high energy and demanding and you'll all sleep well this evening!

Yay Em! Give her a congratulations belly scratch! and one for the beautiful Zig and greased lightning Ginny of course!

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I love the crazy too - it's definitely the best bit :D

We had our first night back at agility school last night. Em did a great job considering she was returning after a long break (she's been working as a proper Gundog and competing in retrieving trials but no agility) and Ginny was just hilarious in her foundations class. She did really, really well - was a little overwhelmed by all the people and dogs training in the dark and shadows but then then quickly switched to being a social butterfly. She played all the games and was swapping between tug and treats beautifully UNTIL they brought out all the balance pods and discs. She was SOOOOOOO excited that she could NOT tug so we had to get a lot of distance from all the activity, get her to tug (finally!) and then let her play on all the balance pods :laugh: And even my instructor mistook her for Em :D


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They were good girls! Ginny is a shocker today - over tired, teething etc so I just keep putting her in her pen for a sleep. She's not very good at knowing when to rest and every time I turn around she's asleep! Mama knows best :)

Naawww bless her. :heart:

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