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Two Best Dogs!

Thistle The Work In Progress

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oh have not posted in a long time!


Thistle is seemingly clear of bone cancer and just under a casual watch and see :) every body was so nice and helpful while i freaked out for two months. We were given a ramp to make the steps easier and had people drop by to walk her for me (as they were separated while she healed from the biopsy so she was kept indoors while I was at work). Everyone was very supportive :heart:


Thistle also has her Rally Advanced title now in addition to Rally Novice. We have been attending some trial classes held by judges to help practice her in the environment. I hope to get her Rally Excellent then get started on the RAE this year :) 

(Thyme got his Rally Novice too. I think I'd like to try obedience with him)


We have made contact with Thistle's sister's owner! They sound very similar, except her sister isn't so scared of people. Hopefully this year they are going to meet :) They are in Sydney!

Image may contain: dog

(However this might mean Thistle is a touch older than I thought, as Lilah's bday is known)


Thyme has started daycare! I thought it might be a good experience for him:


Today Thyme went fishing! Didn't catch any fish but lots of nice photos of him on a boat


and they are both still idiots who wrestle every morning when they think i'm not watching:


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