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Two Best Dogs!

Thistle The Work In Progress

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Thistle looks like she had a great time. Look at her flying over those jumps!! I love the ice cream photo and the video of her rolling around on the grass. :D :thumbsup:

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I have recently been informed these are "zoomies" (a term I've not come across before!). I like them :D In this one, I went to pet her after coming home and she was off!





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Enjoying that summer-weather-in-spring:




Also she now has a song, because why not:

You roll to the right,

You roll to the left.

You roll to the right and you shake it all about

You do the Thistle Wiggle,

and roll yourself around.

That’s what it’s all about!


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What a great place for her to explore and I LOVE that last set of her rolling about in doggy heaven. :laugh:

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I wish I could take her somewhere with long grass, she boings all over the place!

That place is a Waterbird sanctuary so in addition to dogs on lead there's no resources to encourage people to stay except 1 broken park seat. Perfect!

This morning was our usual empty plot of land.


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Just sneaking in some state forest pictures! We went to Andersons Garden Campground in Mt Disappointment. It has waterholes and walking tracks. It was lots of fun, even if the only other person there blindsided us towards the end with her two offlead dogs (dogs are meant to be onlead on the campgrounds. Of course, obviously us walking around with a leashed dog is an indicator for her to let her dogs out of the caravan off lead *rolls eyes*. Thankfully we were already heading back to our car to go so Thistle quickly ushered in before her yappy one ran over. Unimpressed though, hope the police 4wd hanging around catches you at it and fines you)

Photos of the fun before Lady Inconsiderate happened:





Side note, Thistle's other name contenders were River and Pebbles.


This is my friend who came along. A man with a beard? Oooh scary! She was leaning into him for chin rubs on the ride back though ;)


Sniffed EVERYTHING. I'll be glad to get her a harness for these sort of outings.




My friend grabbed this one, don't have many pictures of us together so treasure it a bit :) Stupid tree in the way :(


Classes update: Doing well! She had polite dog greetings with a kelpie, short and sweet. Then she rolled around in the grass next to kelpie.

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Thanks guys :) I'm the nervous one right now, heading to the airport to pick some of the family up. I hope this all goes well, going to be a challenging 4 days for the pup. So nervous I'm shaking but trying to fake the calm for her!

once everyone arrives I'm making everyone sit down for some nice calming tea...for me! :o

I want to go back to that place soon. There's a giant mud puddle with Thistle's name written all over it...

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