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Happy 16Th Birthday To Mac!


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Thanks Danny for using all those emoticons. I couldn't get them to work when I posted my happy birthday Mac post so you have certainly made up for that LOL

If I'd known you were having troubles, I'd have added a lot more :laugh:

I imagine Mac has been doing a lot of this after all the excitement :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

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Thank you all for your kind wishes! The rain held off long enough for us to have a a birthday gathering of the clan and a couple of hours in the park drinking hot homemade soup, eating beautiful bread and cheeses and olives, pates and dips and gorgeous little handmade sweet treats. The westies had a platter of home made treats and homemade doggie birthday cake and an absolute ball. The westies ranged from 8 months old up to Mac at 16 years. We had Amuses new mini Schnauzer puppy, Olly our previous terrier mix rescue and Mollie the Australian terrier as well who were all honorary westies for the day.

We all got too cold about 2 pm so we retired to my place to drink my old man's health in bubbles - it was incredibly kind that Mollie's Mum bought him a bottle of Moet and we then moved onto the Grant Burge and human and doggie birthday cake.

I'm now on the lounge surrounded by snoring westies.

Here's the group photo - Mac is in the middle in his Crow's jumper of course! My Andy is on his grandma's lap in the blue. My Sarah is on the end on one of the grandma's lap - this is Iris of the brown snake fame from January this year. The famous Missy who survived two brown snake bites is in the black harness with her Mum standing.

Whew! What a day!


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It was fabulous - thanks for your comments. Mac slept like a log all night and is having a lovely time pottering around on the lawn in the sunshine at the moment. Sarebear is in her usual place on her cushion on the lounge and Andy has snuck up onto the new leather lounge! Well I suppose thats why I bought leather! So all is right with the world!

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