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National Dog Day!


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Three ding dongs, all in a row.

, Lola is just wondering why she has to put up with this nonsense and dreaming of all the food she could be eating :laugh:

Sure you will. Do you even know where she is? Hmmmm? Poor beagle.

LOL she's locked in a cage in my dungeon. With no noms. or comforts :whip:

Did you see the video I put up of her on Facey yesterday? Beagle still has the moves!

Obviously. Who would assume anything else? :D

You already saw the other half of this photo, but the ever handsome Mr Nova biggrin.gif

I do love Nova!

He is such a handsome aussie. I want one.

Or him. I want him :laugh:

i love his tri markings too

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MM that is a gorgeous photo!

RSA, maybe she needs to be entered into the higher height category :laugh:

Showing off just a bit :D

Oh yeah, Kirah's really a 600 dog in a 300 dog body. She's only just in 300 too -- if I have her re-measured she'll most likely be a 200 dog :laugh:

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