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Ci, I just did a search on your other topics to get a bit of background and to see if I could ascertain where you lived. I gather you are in Melbourne, so can I suggest that you contact BM Animals? DOer Valbitz put me onto them and I seriously mean it that by doing so she saved Danny's life. My vet had no suggestions as to how to help DANNY, he was so sick, losing weight dramatically, I was trying every food known to man and dog until Valbitz sent me some samples of goodies from BM Animals. I contacted them and they put him on a regime of probiotics, green tripe, bovine powdered pancreas and he turned the corner almost immediately. Every time I have to see my vet for one reason or another, Imtake Danny along and vet just shakes his head in amazement.

Good luck!, :heart::heart:

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Hi Dame,

Tex is good. Doing well. I am trying to find a Grainfree dry food for him to bulk up his food as he has too big an appetite for just meat and vegetables.

I was using rice but vet wants something with a bit more substance for him and gave me some of this as a sample to try him.

So far it seems to be agreeing with him.

Thought I would ask on here as I have never heard of it and wanted to know what people thought of it.

Will have a look at BM as it's always good to get as much info as one can. Thanks...

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