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I Have To Face Up To It. My Dulcie Is Dying

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My little fox terrier girl of 9 years was diagnosed with lymphoma 8 months ago and we took the Chemo road which was very successful. After the 20 week protocol she was well into remission and was the happiest I've ever seen her since a puppy which makes me wonder just how long it was lying dormant in her body. But about a month ago the lymph nodes in her neck swelled up and the vet confirmed it had returned. I've spent a lot of time on this forum reading about everyone's experiences and although I always end up sobbing my eyes out I feel strangely comforted knowing I'm not alone. I thought maybe she would defy the odds if I changed her diet and basically took on board so many of the tips I found on here but I have to face facts- my little girl is dying

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