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Fast Foster Home Needed For Elderly Chi


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I think westiemum has converted (to chihuahuas) and run away with him!

This is what i always suspected would happen :laugh:

Do you think we might all be have teensy weensy hopes in this direction . . . . . . . . .

I certainly do laugh.gif

I can imagine others too!

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Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been back - the truth is I'm having the busiest week and just haven't come up for air. The littlest man is doing very well. I still have him only because I wanted to get a better idea of what he was like generally and with other dogs - and as long as the aren't boisterous 'in-your face' types he's fine. I also just wanted to get to know hime a bit better so I'm sure I'll make the right choice for a home for him. He's just such a great little dog... but I truly have my hands here full with Mac and my other two who need more attention as it is - and Mac had a bad weekend last weekend to the point I wondered if I was going to lose him - and he bounced back yesterday - so I think little Zac would be better somewhere less chaotic...

So when I get a chance I'll turn my head towards his new home... and yes its going to be very hard letting him go...smile.gif

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Hi all Zac fans,

Thanks for your patience after a ridiculously busy week where I didn't get a night at home until last night and had most of today at a forum as well - and all the canine members were getting very ratty!!laugh.gif

After worrying that Mac wouldn't cope with a foster he's been fine, so its been good to be able to see what Zac is really like under different circumstances and not have to move him on too quickly - and it became apparent that he loves children, would be fine with a chilled laid back temperament dog but would probably be better as an only dog with someone who is home most of the time.

And after a choice of eight wonderful homes for him (five local and three interstate), that's the home my fellow partner in rescue found for him - with someone who is home most of the time, dog savvy but none at the moment after her elderly cavs passed some time ago and an 11 year old daughter. So lucky little Zac will most likely go on a two week trial tomorrow afternoon to his potential new home. I'm thrilled to bits and very sad at the same time. crying.gifthumbsup1.gif And I so wish I had more than one Zac to spread around. I've very quickly fallen in love with this cracker of a little dog as has the westies Grandma. And yes I will have to have a chi in my future. And he will always have a back-up home here should he ever need it.

Red feather thank you so much for following up with your friend. And thanks so much blink blink and Snook for your help and patience while I worked through this after I came up for air this afternoon. I've left messages or been in touch with everyone local this afternoon who so kindly put their hand up for him.

Please cross your fingers and paws that all goes well for him tomorrow and his potential new family like him.

Here he is an hour ago:



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I'm trying to play some mental gymnastics here and convince myself that this marvellous little man will be better with an older child and someone who is home a lot of the time to keep him company. And I can spend more time with my three - and its a struggle... this tiny guy is going to leave a huge hole... so convince me people!

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