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Name Suggestions For Male Yellow Lab


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what about "Spud"

Why does that make me think of John Cornell from the Paul Hogan Show tho I think his character was "Strop" which might be misunderstood (Stroppie).



One for hubby. There's another one that suggests naming the puppies "eat sleep poo"


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Another update! Have been doing more searching and thinking. Current potential names are: Nugget, Murray, Darwin, Syd (Sydney), Midas. Now are you starting to sympathise with my husband? ????

Make a final list and then when your doggie arrives, trial them out!

When I pick up a rescue dog without a name, I normally read them a list of names slowly and watch for a response. :)

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Not sure whether some of my suggestions have already been said so sorry in advance if they are

Victor/Vick - (after the state Victoria)

Mel - (after Melbourne or Mel Gibson)

Hugh - (Hugh Jackman :p )

Hewitt - (after tennis player Lleyton Hewitt)

Ledger - (Heath Ledger)

Baz/Luhrmann - (Aussie director of Romeo + Juliet)

Irwin - (Steve Irwin)


Burnie/Bourne (Au suburb)

I really like Murray and Darwin. I can imagine Darwin being shortened to Winny or something along those lines haha

I also really like the suggestion of Boomer/Boom after Boomerang. Suits a big yellow lab :)

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