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Looking For A German Shepherd

Jake from Sydney

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Hi and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Most defiitely buy one from a registered and reputable breeder.

Are you wanting a puppy or an adult?

Dogzonline has lists of breeders, the link is HERE for puppies

and HERE for adults

Those ones I linked are for NSW, but there is also other states as well. If you wanted a long haired breed, then look Here for puppies

You can also ask for recommendations over on the German Shepherd Breed discussion forum page HERE

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Definitely from a registered breeder. Ensure the Dam and Sire stock have there hip and elbow scores and they preferably have had the test for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)and are clear.

Speak to the GSD league NSW. www.gsdl.info/

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If you go through the pages on the main Dogz Online website, I seem to recall a few breeders saying they are breeding old style Shepherds.

Macklin (VIC)

Fax (QLD)

Vom SS (NSW)


Wiltyne (NSW)

Shrekherds (WA)

Nothingbutgsd (NSW)

Those are the ones I could find specifically mentioning 'old fashioned' style. There are several other 'working line' breeders but those dogs might not suit your needs (depending of course what your needs are...)

PLEASE NOTE I don't know anything about those breeders, they might be terrible people or irresponsible breeders. BUT at least it gives you somewhere to start to narrow down your search. And yes, check the breed specific forum!

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