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Molly Needs A Home


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I'm posting here for a dear friend of mine. Bit of a backstory: her Stepmother unexpectedly passed away last week and they need to make arrangements for her sweet little Cav x Poodle. She was incredibly bonded to her owner and has been staying with my friend for the last month while her owner was in hospital. She's suffering separation anxiety greatly and my friend has since received noise complaints despite sharing temporary accommodation with two other Poodle-mixes. My friend loves her dearly but is not a suitable long-term solution.

"Female, 8.5 months old, up to date with all vaccinations (had annual Heartguard injection about 1-2 months ago). Shy and nervous around other dogs as not much socialization but gets on pretty well once she gets to know them. She's never had interaction with children or cats, so unsure if that's suitable? But she loves human attention, craves it - so has separation anxiety therefore needs someone who's home a lot, or would work on her separation anxiety or has a small dog that she can be friends with to keep company. She does have a luxating patella on her rear right leg, but will usually go back in place on its own - vets are not suggesting surgery at this point... We want to meet any prospective people though to make sure they're a right fit so not keen on interstate adoptions etc"

She is located in Brisbane. If you know anyone who might be a suitable home for this girl please PM me and I will pass on owner details :)



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Pheebs, Best Friends Rescue have a Private Adoptions section on their webpage where they help people needing to rehome their dogs (see link below). They have a huge FB following now so I'm assuming their webpage also gets lots of looks. It might be worth getting a post up on their webpage to spread the word wider?

Also as I am in Brissie with lots of other dog loving local friends, do you want me to put something up on my FB page and ask Brissie friends to share it? The only issue is I would need some contact info in the post in case anyone was interested.


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