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2016 Training Goals!


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Ohutu Gaelic Blues ADX JDX CDX UDX WDX RE aka Gael

-Try and get more clear rounds than we did in Agility in 2015 (only 10% of runs were clear). Do less Jumpers A in 2016, as it is too much tricky handling for me and I don't enjoy it. No clears yet for 2016...

-Keep working towards RAE title, hard when in NZ you need to get 95 in Advanced B and 100 in Excellent B, plus we don't get to a lot of rally shows. Added one more recently bring us to 4/10...slow process hampered by silly handler errors

Eclaireur du Montier JD RA QC aka Scout

-Finish JD title (on 23/25, so only needs 2)

-Start working on JDX title (will need another 25 CRC as she is unlikely to get it by winning Jumpers B 3 times)long term goal. Scout was spayed in April so hasn't done any agility while recovering

-Try and add some more Field Trial CC (with my husband). Added her 3rd CC in April, 3 to go

Ohutu Kepler's Mission JD RA aka Kep

-RE title Had his first two attempts at Excellent in May and both were 100 so just one to go!

-Enter Novice obedience? (not sure) Have decided to be realistic it's just not my thing

-CDX title

-Start competing in Jumpers early in year Kep won out of Jumpers C at his 3rd show of the year and has started in Jumpers B

-Start competing in Agility mid year Had his first starters run in April, weaves are good!

Holmbrook Counting Stars aka Camo

-I have done Rally with my last 5 dogs so hope to do Novice with Camo in 2016. Camo entered her first Rally Novice in May aged 9 months and got 2 qualifying certificates (98/4th place and a 100/1st place!), one to go for her RN

-Natural ability test via New Zealand Versatile Hunting Dog Test Association, next one is in April Passed all sections except the water section, has another go in November!

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My training and trialling time has been significantly reduced the past couple of years and will continue to be so for another year, but I will come play in this thread for fun :)

My goals for next year include:


ADX title

RM title

NRD title :crossfingers:

And give a restricted retrieving trial a crack just for sh!ts and giggles


JDM title

RM title


ADX title

JDM title

CD title

RN title

New goals:


+ RA


Hopefully finally graduate uni with my own hard-earned title after my name laugh.gif

Ruby got her third novice retrieving win today for her NRD title! biggrin.gif

We also had our second attempt at a restricted retrieving trial. Still have heaps for both of us to learn but considering how novice we are at it, she's managed to bring back quite a few birdies! The old girl is really loving being back doing retrieving thumbsup1.gif

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You've been busy CK .. well done on the variety of great results. Wow your Rally titles are definitely hard to get.

I find it quite difficult mentally to know you can't lose ANY marks in Excellent. It makes it a bit more stressful but also an interesting goal to work towards. Scout never got 100 in Advanced so I decided to leave rally at RA with her. I know it is possible with both my current BC and Camo has a lot better focus and precision than Scout so I will try Excellent with her one day. Novice is achievable for most people who try it I think, you only need 90/100 to qual in that.

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Well our 2015 goals went down the drain with 3 injuries and a big move to somewhere where I'm training all alone with no equipment.

So 2016:

- Move again in January and restart our agility training at a brand new club! (Also looking at rebooting our entire foundations)

New club going great, unfortunately injuries in both of us have again held back agility training.

- Get into the Rally and Obedience rings. I think that we are ready for Rally now. Just need to enter!

17/6/6/16 Rally Novice title gained DogNSW pending :thumbsup:

- Take an Fenzi online course.

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I haven't actually set training goals, but I had targeted Rally Master, and possibly Rally O Ch. Happy to say those goals have been achieved ... RM back in April, and finally, yesterday we finished his Rally O Ch. (Would have been sooner if I hadn't kept losing the plot and making mistakes. There's something about knowing you have to get 90 or more .. even though most of his RM scored were 90+.) Anyway .. my lil big man Border Collie Rory is the first dog in Tasmania to finish Rally O Ch, and I put his application in today for his Triple Ch (Tracking and Rally O). Oh, and his final pass was a 99 .. 2nd place on time :laugh:

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That is so completely awesome, Barb!!!! Triple Champion, what a dog!!!!! winner.gifwinner.gifwinner.gif

My news pales in comparison, but exciting for me nonetheless!! It's taken 5 very long years, but Ruby FINALLY got her ADX title, Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!! It was certainly her day at the triple header agility trial yesterday, gaining not only her ADX title but her GD title :) She tries so hard but is a very very different dog to handle than Pippa and even Millie. She needs her paw held over every obstacle and her commitment point for a jump is virtually once she's landed from it :laugh: which makes me feel like an even messy handler than normal, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Saying that, though, she's my best distance dog strangely. If I can lock her on a line of jumps with enough momentum she's off while my other dogs aren't there yet (I should probably train distance work then :laugh: )


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:thumbsup: Thanks Katy ... yes, pretty stoked with the lad .. must be that good Western Australian breeding :laugh: .

I was soooo pleased to read about Ruby's great day out -- 2 titles :thumbsup: . Love the thought of her needing her paw held. :heart:

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