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Little Red Man’S Roller Coaster Journey:

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He is a glossy squeaky clean boy tonight.

Out walking with the other three this morning, I stopped to chat with the groomer (50 metres down the road from me). She happened to mention she had only two dogs so I asked her if she would bath and dry Danny as it took me ages to dry him with just a small hair dryer and it is so cold. She was happy to do that and so I walked him down after I'd finished walking the others. He enjoyed his little stroll, sniffing most of the time. I carried him a couple of times to the next sniffing spot as we'd probably still be going otherwise and his nose might have fallen off with the workout it was getting :laugh: :laugh:

I asked the groomer not to put his coat back on as I would bring a clean one when I collected him. Oh my goodness!! I wish I'd taken my camera when I went to pick him up ... Jeanette was sitting on a couch with Danny in her arms wrapped in a little fleecy.

And she refused to charge me.

Such good people who love dogs.

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Danny’s journey is nearly over and we are helping him over The Bridge this afternoon. He has been very sick for the past several days, but with an amazing rally on Saturday - it was a glorious day here in Sydney and we made the most of it, albeit in a very quiet way. I really thought this rally might continue, but he went downhill very suddenly last evening being violently ill, coughing a lot, so I knew he was exhausted and it was time to let him go.

I have loved him so much and he has been my little shadow for most of the years has lived with me.

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Oh dear.

It's a terribly selfish thing to say but I've been dreading the day I came into this thread to see this update.

Boronia has hit the nail on the head.

More than all my love you to DDD. :heart:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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Oh DDD... my heart breaks for you... dear little Red Man will always be in your heart... remember him with smiles for all of the wonderful times you had...

Fly with the angels Danny... you've earned your rest now little man.


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Thank you for your thoughts everyone. Danny crossed The Bridge just before 3pm today snuggled on my couch with me and with a vet who (along with another of his team) has managed him through the past two years with love and care.

The past two years have been very hard at times, but Danny constantly amazed and delighted us with his courage and determination to get the most out of every day, even if some of the “most” was just snoozing the day away recuperating. He became very sick last week, constantly throwing up several times a day and on one terrible day, projectile vomiting every time he drank.

The vet actually came on Friday evening, but Danny had started his little rally and the vet found a bright and alert little man chowing down on rice cream.

Saturday was a glorious day here in Sydney and Danny decided to enjoy it. Such a turn around: eating, pottering around downstairs, demanding food several times through the day, which I was more than happy to provide, but in small doses considering previous few days. I was happily posting in other threads about how I gave him his meds and imagining myself phoning the vet of Monday telling him about how well Danny was going.

He was not too bad on Sunday morning, but the downturn started late in the afternoon when he started vomiting again. The amount he vomited up was really awful and obviously was everything he’d eaten the day before; so the poor little fellow had not been able to swallow much of what he’d eaten. He was so sick and I knew that Saturday’s rally was one last little bright shining moment.

Danny came into my life in February 2002, such a long time - 14 and a half years. Those years have seen many many changes in my life and through it all Danny has been the constant. So many people he met wanted him !!

I’m feeling pretty stunned at the moment, contemplating life without Danny. I have three littlies still needing my love and care (Tamar, Jeune and Bunter) and they will certainly get that, but I think I will miss Danny forever.

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I'll miss Mac forever too DD - but tonight is for remembering DOLs amazing little red man and celebrating a wonderful dog and a life well lived because of his marvellous Mum..

He was certainly one of the DOLstars and will be greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers with you, Tamar, Jeune and Bunter tonight DD. angel2.gif

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Huge hugs DD. Danny surprised us all with how strong he was and how many times he rallied. And you were always willing to try something new to keep him happy and healthy. RIP Danny and more hugs DD.

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This is how Danny got his name. He was in the pound where I was a volunteer walker. All the other dogs had been walked, I had tidied up so took him out for a walk on his own. As I walked along, I started singing.

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