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Pet Sitter Had A Stroke

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On my Facebook a message came up,, I don't know how to copy save etc on the iPad ..

Pet sitter has had a stroke and has gone into hospital and can't remember where he was feeding the animals. Summer hill (Sydney) or surrounding area. One cat and one dog. Pets have gone atleast 5 days without food and water... Telephone 0412618936 or 0416609836

I can Facebook the page if someone wants the info or visit summer hill vet site.

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Summer Hill Vets have a post on their page, with a little extra information. Says the gentleman's son, named Sean, called them. It was a dog and a cat being looked after .... & it's known the family had one cat euthed in the past few months, so a trawling of vet records might turn something up. Also known, the family make pretty frequent trips to the south coast.


I notice people are posting some ideas on that page.

The Daily Telegraph gave both the Summer Hill Vets & the Summer Hill police station phone numbers for anyone to ring with information.

Maybe if it was mentioned on the evening TV News, it might help, too.

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Maybe the police can get authority to access phone records etc when it's vital to prevent likely fatal neglect (thro' no one's fault) of animals??? The police seem to be included in the search because the Daily Telegraph gave the phone number of the Summer Hill police station.

Also one idea raised by someone on the vet page ... was checking if gps available on the phone or car.

Another person suggested using the data base of families in the area from the schools. But I don't know how that would sit with privacy, either. Families only signed on to the data base for school matters.

Just found a Facebook page that's been started to coordinate all efforts to do something or think of ideas. And to update:


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