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Calling Breeders


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I got one reply immediately from a lovely breeder,but nothing available, second one i eventually sent a text to ask if they would prefer a phone call to discuss said dog advertised as i hadn't heard back from the email, and got an instant reply that he didn't read his emails and the dog had gone.

I don't want a pup, that seems to be the problem, i prefer something out of the destructo stage after having years of fosters trash my place

And the rescue ones all seem to have dodgy temps and cant live with other dogs. :(

What breed Juice?

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Bull Terrier , my last girl was from Shirvin in victoria, rock solid in temp,but they have nothing till later in the year possibly.

The problem is the breed attracts the wrong people who then backyard breed dodgy ones, i want a nicely put together, English line looking one.

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