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Melbourne Rescue Groups. Looking For Hypo Allergenic Dog

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I am allergic to cats, dogs, horses, bees......I carry an epi pen. I'm also an asthmatic whose favourite drug is an antihistamine. My eyes close over with much dog cuddling and I can't breathe. But, being the fool that I am, I still pat dogs everywhere. I just can't touch my face until I scrub my hands. I get hives from dogs. BUT, interestingly, I knew a lady with a poodle many years ago, and never had an allergic reaction to that dog. It is the only time I could spend hours with a dog, and not have hives or reaching for the Ventolin. Now, I've only trialled this on one poodle! I own a doberman, she's a real snuggler. I just wash my hands a lot, vacuum regularly, change her crate bedding twice weekly, and we get by. Everyone's allergies and degree of reactions are going to be different. But, if it were me, I'd try out a poodle.

Could you do immunotherapy for your dog allergy? It's been great for my grass and dust mite allergies, but they aren't so bad as to need an epi pen.

I've been promising myself I would do this for years! My biggest scary allergy is bee stings. I really should get my act together and follow this up. I think you just get used to being allergic. Thank you for the reminder, I do get complacent.

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