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Puppy Keeps Biting Leash, How To Stop?


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You could put Vicks vapour rub on the lead, it generally stops pups chewing whatever you put it on.

You could also get a light chain lead with a handle.

Don't forget the praise when pup doesn't chew the lead.

General rule ¾ praise ¼ commands. Have fun with your pup.

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My puppy grew out of this quite quickly. We just ignored it but it wasn't all the time, so the Vicks is probably worth a try. We also noticed our puppy was less likely to bite leash when we got him a harness to attach leash instead of his collar, but I wouldn't get one just for that reason.

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Ignore puppy chewing lead.

Keep walking.

Most pups start to focus on what's in front of them very quickly.


...and I wouldn't use vick or something else - it might stop the dog biting on it, but he might develop some serious aversion to the leash and that will increase your problems when you want to attach the leash.

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