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Happy 7Th Birthday Zeph

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A very Happy 7th Birthday to my gorgeous boy Zeph.

You are both the biggest source of pride, and the biggest source of frustration that I have had the pleasure to share my life with. May there be many more birthdays and adventures to come. :party::birthday::party::birthday:








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Hope you had an amazing birthday Zeph... but of course you did, loads of spoils and fun :)


In our house. Never. No spoiling here.

Dog Lovers Show this weekend means birthday shopping. :eek:

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Happy Birthday beautiful boy!!! :D :birthday::cheer:

Thank you.

How is the gorgeous Justice going with his armpit? I really hope that he is healing well.

He's really good. The stents put in with the second round of surgery did the trick, along with keeping him mostly crated for the first few days, and he gets his stitches out tomorrow. He's full of beans and ready to get back to normal life and I'm sure he'll be thrilled to finally lose his cone of shame. Thank you so much for asking. :) :heart:

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Thank you all for the heartfelt birthday wishes.

Zeph had a very busy time celebrating at the Dog Lovers Show and at the RCV RTB Obedience and Rally trial. He got to hang with the puppies and got lots of pats from his adoring public. He also gained his Rally Novice title with a first place and a score of 94/100. Yep handler error again. :rofl: As a reward he got a swim and to chase his ball.







Wearing his new tag from the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation, the Purple Poppy, Remembering All Animals in War.



Showing no dignity or class what so ever :rofl:


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