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Supplementary Feeding And Other Suggestions

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My first litter of pups who needed supplementary feeding had me tube feeding every two hours one puppy, the others took the bottle... most of the times.

Day and night. I was/am a woman possessed. How innocent when I left my vet initially with one container of milk replacement.

Any other ideas on a large litter?

Below is our bottle box/plastic container. Saving me time. I can sleep for longer periods, as feeding 11 took over 2 to 3 hours.

I like the container idea as when pups are full they drop off to sleep, and I can stimulate them to toilet in lots of 4, instead of one which requires frequent hand washing on my part. Safe as the pups cannot roll off tablets etc. Easily washed with disinfectant,

What do you think? Please share. Looking forward to weaning I tell ya!

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