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The Dogs Of Dol


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First night home


(kinda scrawny and slinking and eager to please but insecure and not really what i expected in a dog and no training)



(big smart gorgeous goof 25+ tricks and counting)

I think it would be an understatement to say I am very pleased with how she is going. Bumps in the roads and all


(I love her so much!)

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Great photo's everyone!

LisaCC, I remember admiring Nova via the 'waiting for a puppy' thread which doesn't seem that long ago.

Huskie...what an amazing photo of Wisdom and Blaze - they're just gorgeous. They seem to be saying 'were ready for anything, just give us the word!'

Thistle..your gorgeous girl got so lucky when she found you!

My Border Terrier Poppy is now close to two. She is such an awesome little dog! She plays well with Maggie, is fiesty, loving, friendly to people and dogs and smart. She loves shaping and learning new things and her tail never stops wagging.

Maggie my Frenchie is five and a half and is the easiest dog to look after. She is quite sensitive so never puts a foot out of place in case she hears a growl but she's heaps of fun and very energetic. She's has a few tricks she pulls out for treats and is a little cutie (although the outside world seem to think she's a pug!)





Because nothing is perfect..lol


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Yay a reason to show off doggies lol! Dol dogs are a good looking bunch!

Breeze aka Incredi-Breeze, 6 years old and my heart dog, my partner, my best friend, my everything. Phenomenally intelligent and I swear most days half-human. Chaser of ducks, roller of bird poo, and lover of mud. She has her fair share of titles and is also a demo dog with Melbourne Canine Freestyle showing off her countless tricks and performing in all manner of public events. Pretty sure she also has a doctorate and completing her third PhD. :laugh: Star of my youtube channel and she is the one thing in my life I could not live without. I really do have the bestest best most best dog in the universe. :heart:







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I love seeing all the photos of everyone's dogs. I have my Bulldog Crumpet who is 8 this year. She's stubborn, funny and a real handful but I love her to pieces even when she rolls in the dirt after having a bath or a swim. The only drawback is she eats poo of any kind. I also have Shabby, my PBGV who is 11. She has only been with me about 2 and a half years but she is such a joy and I'm so lucky to have her. And I can't leave out my gorgeous boy Hoover, who I lost 8 weeks ago. He was my special little man and I miss him terribly.10628248_397221140450013_954614340528681449_n.jpg?oh=5f13755a9b705d7469e8b9d01633bf10&oe=583529E9



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This is such a nice thread :')

Didi grew up (very quickly!) on DOL, god knows I needed the constant reassurance bringing up my first puppy and freaking out about every little thing laugh.gif

She turned out to be just my kind of perfect though. I love her more than anything else on this earth and I'm so happy we managed to find each other.






bonus feature: Dog Friendships of DOL!

DOL played a pretty instrumental part in hooking these two pups up for doggy rehab and now play dates (and made us a new human friend too!)


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When did darling Didi grow up? She looks so beautiful!!!

I'm not quite sure either, she'll be 3 in October! Feels like only yesterday she was a lil potato head (which she thankfully grew into!)

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My girls Ellie, Maddie and Ivy.

They put up with me posing them in different places all the time and taking many, many photos of them :laugh:





Dal the giant whippet. His whole life I've had people asking if he's a greyhound but he's not even close to that size :laugh: . He had his leg amputated 18 months ago and while he's a little slower and gets tired quicker than he used to he is still loving life at 13. He's got a completely unique hop because of that missing leg and the sound of him hopping through the house and along the hallway is one of my favourite sounds :o :D



My amazing greyhound Stevie. A little older and greyer than he was in this pic but so much love for this boy. He will be 13 in September and I almost want time to stop because I'm not ready for him to be this old yet.


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I love seeing everyone's gorgeous dogs, what a lovely thread to start Grizabella. smile.gif

Not sure how it happened, but it seems like just the other day that we brought home this little guy:


And already, Bruno is 5 years old. A boofy, hilarious, and and happy dog. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but smart in all of the things that matter.

So easy to live with, the perfect dog for our family. We love him to the moon and back.


Always a little puzzled:


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This is us after a hard training session - Zig, Em and Ginny with Lilly and Dizzy (snuggled under the fire) :)


With brother, Zac (left)...


Murphy, first son of Em, has grown up a fair bit now but I love this photo of him...


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Well the dynamic duo are now considered veterans :(

Zeph turned 7 in April.

He is still a confident turd who will give any activity that you ask him to do a go (until he doesn't want to anymore or boy brain kicks in), and will play ball or swim as if he was a 2 year old. He has developed into a total food hound ( :eek: ) and an accomplished pat tart. He adores playing with other dogs, especially ones that will chase balls. Last weekend he gave weight pull a go for the first time (pulling 412kg) and gained a pass, then boy brain kicked in :laugh:





And Dee has just turned 8.

Dee is truly the family clown, always bouncing around and ready for action. She is very high prey driven, so her canine interactions are limited, and only with bigger dogs. But she absolutely loves having Rottweiler puppies to play with and is loving Pets as Therapy. Yep another total pat tart.




They have both just obtained their Rally O Advanced titles and continue to love to work (especially fast paced Rally over the slower Obedience) and have days out doing dog stuff.






I totally love them to the distant universe and back. They keep me sane and exercised. :heart::love:

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Aww! So many lovely dogs! :thumbsup:

I just have my old man. Loki is 14 and showing every year of his age now :( Lost my Wylie two years ago,and Loki seems to have aged so much in that time. :( I suspect this will be my last year with the old guy.


(bonus chair War photo :D )


One of my silly boxhead Wylie because he was such a beautiful happy boy.


All I can say is, take more photos! Thousands of photos. It will be all you have one day.

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