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How Much Do You Pay For Cartrofen?

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One of my dogs is on Carprofen. She's on 75mg per day now.

Anyway, I just got 21 50mg tablets (2 weeks worth) from the vet and the cost was around $2.21 per tablet.

Having done a bit of research I also got a prescription to order some more online. So that is going to cost me $27.50 script fee, $70 for 100 tablets, $6.50 postage. Which works out to... $1.04 per tablet.

Such a huge difference!! And yes, I understand why.

But I'm wondering if the $2.21 per tablet is pretty average when buying them from the vet or if that is a slightly inflated price. So I'm just interested to hear if that is similar to what others pay.

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Not carprofen but I save around $60 on the cost of Rimadyl ordering online versus what the vet charged for the same amount. Having said that when I was getting medications through the specialist centre the price was much better then the local vet clinics will give me for the same quantity of drug.

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There are several brands now of carprofen available now, most commonly rimadyl, carprieve and a generic Carprofen. I would ask your vet about buying in bulk (as someone mentioned above vet hospitals charge a dispensing fee for labels, packets and counting), and ensure you are getting the generic brand. Otherwise worth getting a script!

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