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New Foster Babies - 9 X Dingo/cattle


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Brown with big white face marking is my favourite, please give him or her an ear scratch for me!

That's Sargeant Pepper... he's the biggest of the lot, and a real snugglebum... ear scratch and more duly given on your behalf... *grin*

I have a soft spot for the one with the big white chest. But also the one chewing on the soft fox toy giving you the eye. :thumbsup:

Same puppy actually... lol! And he's Sargeant Pepper...

Funny how most people are gravitating towards him... he does take a lovely photo, yes?

Most people who've seen the photos are gravitating towards Sargeant Pepper and Maxi (black and tan girl)... I'm thinking it's because they both stand out so much from the rest... lol!

At the moment I'm really leaning towards Jude, the boy with the mostly black face and wide set eyes... he follows me everywhere and loves to just sit next to me and chill... he loves snuggles, and will smooch his little head right into your neck to get as close to you as he can.

Maxi (black and tan) is one of the cheeky ones... she's always the last to be caught and put into their pen of an evening... usually after a good game of chasies all over the yard... lol!

I'm still trying to learn what name goes with which pup... I didn't get to name them, so it's interesting trying to work out from the notes who is actually who... errr!

Boys are...

Sargeant Pepper - big boy with wide white stripe on face and big white chest

Jude - mostly black face, wide set eyes

Rigby - white socks, dark nose

Rocky - white chin

Girls are...

Maxi - black/tan

Yoko - all tan, pink collar

Sadie - white nose and stripe

Maggie - all tan, longer white socks

Ely (Elanor) - white socks with spots, white chest

All named from Beatles songs... *sigh*


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It's so sad that they have to be desexed so young. If only people could be trusted to be responsible it wouldn't be necessary. :(

I hope they all get wonderful homes anyway. You'll probably be swamped with enquiries.

Such is the world in rescue... I'm just a foster carer, so I don't get to make the rules...

These little guys' mother was surrendered pregnant because the owner had neglected to take precautions ... *sigh*... and when you see this sort of thing happen so often, you just want to be 100% sure you are never going to see your rescues' babies coming into rescue themselves...


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So cute.

You might have to photograph some of the tan ones with distinctive toys so people can say - the one with the pink tug, the one with the green rope, orange ball... I make some of my tug toys out of plaitted up sliced old tshirts...

And I'd be rehoming each with a pair of rigger gloves. The teeth... OMG the teeth...

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I'm confused. Is the one with the white socks, chest, around the snozz and stripe up the face Sargent Pepper (first photo in post 46)? So very cute! I was so excited there is a a Rocky as Rocky Raccoon is my all time favourite Beatles song and I don't think it is that well known as it is one of their sillier tunes. If I had Rocky I tell him how a very famous band wrote a song for him once, a long time ago....

Promise me you are singing Beatles songs to them!

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OK... I think I've got them sorted out in this last batch of photos...

Post 46

1. Sargeant Pepper

2. Rigby

3. Rocky

4. Jude

5. Yoko

6. Sargeant Pepper

7. Maggie

8. Maggie

9. Maxi, Jude, Sargeant Pepper

10. Maggie

Post 47

1. Maggie

2. Maggie (on back), Rigby

3. Rocky, Sargeant Pepper (on back), Maggie

4. Sargeant Pepper (on back), Maggie, Rocky

5. Sargeant Pepper, Maggie, Rocky

6. Maggie, Sargeant Pepper

7. Jude, Yoko

Only ones I didn't get photos of today were Sadie and Ely (Elanor)... Sadie is the one with the thin white stripe down to the white smudge on her nose


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I have photos from the past 2 days, but haven't gotten around to selecting and editing the good ones for the babies' fans yet...

BUT... the babies had a very special visitor today... Aunty Katdogs! Everyone got cuddles, and Katdogs got plenty of puppy breath kisses from her fave little miss Maxi (black and tan)... a lovely visit...

Aunty Katdogs says I'm meean for not letting her take Maxi home with her... lol! I think Mr Katdogs might divorce her if she brings home another black bitch though... lol!

Then, another friend came over and spent time with the babies also... and brought 15kgs of chicken necks and 10kgs of lean mince (I asked her to pick it up for me on her way over)... puppies all tuckered out and full of yummies and fast asleep in their night pen now.

I promise to post more photos tomorrow, OK? Just of puppies... not their visitors... *grin*


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