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Allergic Reaction

Dame Aussie

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Hi guys,

Just hoping for some ideas...

Today I noticed Lili had very red, cloudy eyes and was squinting and keeping them closed a lot. Quite watery too. We went to the vet and she ruled out ulcers/dry eye etc and so we're treating for a reaction with antihistamines and cream.

Thing is, when we were at the vet her eyes cleared up a lot and now we're home they're red again. I'm trying to think of what it could be. We haven't changed washing powders or anything like that. I did have a present sitting on the table for my mum which was white musk perfume and the shopkeeper had sprayed the same on the tissue paper in the gift bag so I've taken that outside.

We also have grassland near us wth lots of canola flowers. Would it be either of those things? I cant think of anything else!

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