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Flying Two Dogs And A Cat From Perth To Nz, Auckland

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So we're looking at moving to NZ in the future and seeking the cost to have the dogs (Ivy and Badger) and a cat come with us.

Have two insane quotes from Dogtainers and Jetpets. I've asked for quotes not including the vet treatment. And have the vet stuff done at my own vet.

I have PM'd Wayrod but I'm not sure he's still an active member?

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It isn't that simple & it depends what you call insane,exporting to NZ is not cheap & you have large dogs .

When we exported to NZ we had to use an accredited vet ,we could not use our own .

You can take the dog to the vet yourself instead of the transport people as some also have that in there price .

I would contact Mooreholme in Victoria for a quote and Sherae Petlink in Perth for prices

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